Fragmint And The Fashion Brand Faith Tribe Collaborate For NFT Merch

Faith Tribe
Fragmint teams up with the open-source fashion platform Faith Tribe for NFT merch designs.

What’s even cooler than minting NFTs? Wearing them! Fragmint conspires with the French open-source design platform Faith Tribe to justify this bold fashion statement. 

Key takeaways

  • Both blockchain-based companies approach NFTs in an inventive and community-oriented way.
  • Fragmint, as part of the Evedo Еcosystem, partners with leading entertainment companies including Millenium Media, and Faith Tribe champions working with some of the most influential celebrities in the world.
  • Fragmint and Faith Tribe join forces and launch their first mutual NFT merch. 
  • Initially, Fragmint will invest in merch of stand-alone NFTs and later on, it will feature NFT clothing collections.
  • Our platform’s unique fragmentation and augmented artwork properties will provide NFТs to Faith Tribe for the creation of distinctive physical and digital merch.

Where to wear the NFT merch?

Because it’s physical, digital, or both, the merch is equally suitable for the real world as well as metaverse environments. It entirely depends on your preference. 

Most of the dominating fashion brands are already securing their place under the sun in the metaverse and there is no doubt that digital outfits are going to be a thing. In fact, they already are. According to research done by the game marketplace DMarket,  the revenue from looks customization (skins) in games like Fortnite and The Sims will soon reach $40 billion a year.

It’s safe to consider that you’ll be able to wear your favorite NFT merch in any social setting, whether that be a traditional or a virtual one!

$FTRB is Faith Tribe’s token, Photo credit:

Who owns it?

Fragmint auctions NFTs that belong to IP owners and/or the artists who participate in the artwork creation. Users and DAOs bid on NFTs to obtain ownership. Once they become holders, they gain rights on the NFTs that they’ve bought and if the same NFTs are used for merch designs, all the owners on the chain receive benefits. 

NFT merch will be traded for cryptocurrencies. It generates additional value and it might consist of collectible items depicting, for example, a memorable movie scene or character. 

About digital fashion and Faith Tribe?

Faith Tribe is a futuristic project of the global fashion brand with a French flair, Faith Connexion. The new venture is on a mission for “translation of fashion for affluent millennials”. With this aspiration in mind, the team behind Faith Tribe has developed a decentralized platform that allows creators to produce NFT design assets.

Users can take advantage of collaborating, creating, minting, manufacturing, distributing, and tracking NFTs in this interesting space. Creators choose whether to produce a single, limited drop or a full collection. 

Similar to us, Faith Tribe has its own utility token – the $FTRB. The coin offers holders an end-to-end creative and business management experience through a palette of advanced features – a dedicated design studio with the latest 3D fashion technology, digital and physical NFT minting, plus, P2P transactions between the community of designers, visual artists, curators, fashion enthusiasts, influencers, brands, and buyers.

Following the virtual fashion trend, the platform empowers and rewards independent creators while at the same time targeting new demographics – gamers and metaverse players. Needless to say, thanks to the digital applications it provides, Faith Tribe removes geographical barriers and promotes inclusion. 

Photo credit: Faith Tribe

What to expect next?

The $FRAG and the $FTRB will be widely implemented for trading, development, and community management of their respective native platforms. On top of that, at Fragmint we promise fascinating drops from the entertainment industry with high collectible and aesthetic value. Think of pop culture, blockbuster movies, iconic paintings, celebrity artworks, and everything else that is inspiring stylish merch.  

The NFT possibilities at the entrance of the Web 3.0 era are countless. We can’t wait to share all the details about other exciting upcoming partnerships so follow us and stay tuned for more updates!

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