The BEST NFT Gifts for Christmas

Finding the perfect present is never easy, especially when you shop for a true NFT fan! Before crypto, it was so straightforward. You just buy Christmas socks or a Christmas mug and it was all fine. But Web3 and the metaverse had made it quite difficult.  To help you stay on-trend this season, we’ve rounded up the most popular Christmas presents of 2022. We’ve put together some great items to help you shop smarter and choose the best NFT gift!

Wrapping an NFT gift

Gifting an NFT is a little bit more complicated than buying a present and setting it under the tree. However, it takes just 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a digital wallet. Before you get or gift an NFT, you need somewhere to store it — i.e., a crypto wallet. Set up your MetaMask, Ledger, or Trezor.
  2. Choose & Purchase the NFT. There are many marketplaces to choose from, including OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible. Be sure you budget to cover the cost of both the NFT and any associated gas fees. 
  3. Send the gift. To do this, you’ll need the recipient’s public wallet address. Once it’s sent, don’t forget to confirm receipt using Etherscan.

You can also join the waitlist for our OG Fragmint Genesis Collection consisting of 1089 membership NFTs that award premium platform functionality. The collection will open up the gates to the platform’s premium features, voting privileges, access to our closed premium auctions for high-end celebrity drops, and more.

NFTs are an excellent gift. We at Fragmint believe that they don’t need to be wrapped, they’re nearly impossible to lose, and each is as unique as the recipient. They’re also a great way to introduce friends and family who may not be familiar with the technology to the Web3 space. No matter which NFT gift you choose, know that you’re giving the recipient more than just digital art or a virtual object. You’re offering them an opportunity to build community and find their place in an evolving space that’s defining the future.

The BEST NFT Gift for Christmas: Bored Ape

An NFT gift Linked With a Physical Product

When you don’t know where to start but still want to gift something unusual, you could simply go to LTD.INC

LTD.INC is a unique platform that offers a highly-curated collection of NFTs and physical products from the world’s most iconic artists, creators, and brands. Deadmau5, KAWS, and Lebron James are just a few names that you could find there. 

The idea is that each digital and physical piece is linked to an on-chain NFT for proof of authenticity. By design, each limited edition drop exists in real life, on the blockchain, and in the metaverse, bridging the gap between art, culture, and blockchain technology.

A Sport NFT

Is your friend a tech-savvy sports fan? Then an NFT from NBA Top Shot will be the perfect gift! Top Shot is a blockchain-based platform that allows sports fans to buy, sell, and trade NFTs of NBA video highlights. Do you remember the basketball collectible cards, think about the Top Shot as the next generation of them!

The platform acts like a place where basketball enthusiasts can celebrate, relive, and collect the best plays they’ve ever seen. It offers officially licensed one-of-a-kind digital items called Moment™ NFTs, tokenized clips of unforgettable NBA plays that fans can purchase and enjoy.

On the platform, you can securely buy and sell NFTs in seconds with protected transactions, verified collectors, and guaranteed authenticity. You can also connect with a global community of fans and athletes like never before.

Similar to the collectible cards, the NFT cards are being sold in packs containing 2-5 Moments. 

The BEST NFT Gift for Christmas: Santa NFT

A Music NFT

If your buddy likes both crypto and music, then a Music NFT will also meet his needs. As we said in our article – music NFTs are a new movement with the potential to redesign the industry. While being stored on the blockchain they contain musical content – a single song, music video, or even an entire album. Music non-fungible tokens can even give exclusive access to a concert and bring additional benefits to its owner. 

Some of the platforms that are worth visiting are Catalog, Royal ,

An NFT Print Gift

If your friend already has a few NFTs then this creative and unique way of displaying NFTs may fit his wishes. Infinite Objects specializes in creating “video prints” that are highly customizable frames that allow you to display moving images as art. You can upload photos and videos, or get them printed out on special materials like leather or watercolor paper. 

The result is something like a physical animated GIF—something that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!

You can gift your friend a physical copy of his favorite digital collectibles in a beautiful and immutable luxury object that references his token on-chain. Each print is made with high-quality materials and features a unique QR code on the back that links directly to the NFT on the blockchain so that he can prove ownership anytime.

A Cold Storage Crypto Wallet

During the last months, we saw that security and protecting your crypto assets should be your main obligation. As we mentioned in one of our articles, the slogan “not your keys, not your coins” are still relevant and the recent events pushed many crypto investors to buy a couple of crypto hardware wallets. If your crypto friend is more than bullish on the topic then a wallet is a nice gift for him. 

A hardware wallet can secure both crypto and NFTs. It doesn’t store NFTs, which are always on the blockchain. Instead, it stores the private keys used to access your digital assets. It’s a secure physical device that isolates these private keys offline in cold storage. This way, if the computer or smartphone is compromised, your private keys are not at risk. 

The Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus are two of the most popular hardware wallets. They protect your crypto, and NFTs, and let you manage your NFTs wherever you go without worry. The Nano X even features Bluetooth connectivity so you can synch it with apps on your phone for easier access and control. 

The BEST NFT Gift for Christmas: Crypto Cold Storage

Something luxurious

If you’re looking for a gift that has more luxury spirit then BlockBar is the right choice.

Founded in October 2021, BlockBar is the world’s first DTC NFT marketplace for luxury wine and spirits. Their goal is to make luxury spirit collecting safer, more seamless, and more accessible for everyone. In 2022 BlockBar celebrated almost 30 drops. These releases are great for those looking to gift something unique for Christmas.

Additionally, this gift will appreciate in value over time. BlockBar’s gifting service allows bottle owners to send these exclusive bottles to anyone in the world. All you need is the giftee’s email. Gifting in the NFT space usually comes at a price due to gas fees, but BlockBar’s service comes at zero cost. 

Once you buy a luxury wine or spirit NFT from the BlockBar marketplace, it corresponds to a fully-insured physical bottle. However, because properly storing these high-end bottles is extremely difficult and expensive, you can opt for BlockBar to keep them safe at their secure, climate-controlled facility.

The BEST NFT Gifts for Christmas: BlockBar

Meanwhile, the NFT acts as a digital certificate of ownership and authenticity. It can be resold on BlockBar’s secondary marketplace, gifted to another party, or redeemed for the physical bottle at any time. Also, because BlockBar works exclusively with brand owners (such as LVMH, Diageo, Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, Sazerac, and William Grant & Sons) buyers can rest assured that the bottles they purchase are 100 percent authentic.

We hope that you enjoyed our Fragmint Christmas list! It is how hard it is to find the right gift for your loved one, so we decided to help out. We want you and your family to enjoy the holidays! Be sure to check out our blog for more helpful crypto content!

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