Fragmint Genesis NFT Collection Whitelist is Now Open!

Early adopters will now have a chance to own an individual piece, part of a larger composition—our very first and limited issue of 1089 Fragmint Genesis NFTs. Each unique NFT, which we lovingly call a fragmint, is an opportunity to immediately unleash a stream of premium benefits within the platform, with more to be added in future upgrades.

In this prime NFT drop for Fragmint, we will demonstrate an aspect part of our unique concept while awarding our OG supporters and community at the same time. 

One of the significant advantages that lucky minters will receive with a genesis NFT is a Super Power User status on the platform. The equivalent to this highest user tier on Fragmint is valued at 100 000 $FRAG tokens. This lifetime status also unlocks premium platform features and extended voting rights.

Apart from this upgrade, Genesis NFT holders will gain access to an exclusive Discord community club private channel and perks. They will also have options for participating in limited auctions and celebrity drops. Last but not least, owners of Fragmint’s Genesis limited edition NFTs, will receive discounts on upcoming blockchain events worldwide and get additional advantages and bonuses, powered by the full Evedo ecosystem.

The Genesis NFT Mint will take place in two cycles – the initial Whitelist and, upon its closing, the Public sale. Being whitelisted will allow minting at a much lower price where actual ranges for both phases are TBA soon so make sure you stay tuned to our official communities!. Besides the Whitelist and the Public sales, the rest of this limited drop’s allocation looks like this:

Although it’s less than a year old, our innovative NFT platform concept already has clear traction and goals for the road ahead. Fragmint’s journey began as one of the first NFT marketplaces with formable DAOs, and today we have already established partnerships we could only dream of. In addition, our maiden Celebrity NFT drop, with an already signed contract, is awaiting patiently around the corner, soon to shake up the space!

The purpose of releasing the Genesis NFT fragmints, in addition to our Fragmint for Creatives initiative, at this time is to enable digital creators and NFT collectors to engage early with our concept and marketplace. In the end, nurturing and growing our community has always been paramount. 

Tag along for the ride ahead and let’s evolve the global NFT movement together! 

Join our community channels for updates about the $FRAG token sale and the development of the project:







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