Fragmint’s Smart Contract Audit by Team Omega is Now Complete

As we’ve made it a tenet to strive for full transparency towards the people that trust us with their assets and believe in our company’s mission and principles, we had tasked Team Omega, a group of Solidity experts, with performing audits on several of our Smart Contracts so we can ensure a safer and more efficient platform for everyone.

Team Omega is responsible for auditing assets worth over $400M in total and has worked with a number of highly-complex DeFi platforms like PrimeDAO, API3, DXdao, Curve Labs, EnterDAO, Hats.Finance, and more.

The source code was manually inspected, tested, and rigorously evaluated. The preliminary report, which came out on March 18th, raised a number of considerations related to our processes – a total of 26.

In the two weeks since then, our engineers have worked on resolving every issue that has come up. 

Here’s a full breakdown :

Severity Number of issues Number of resolved issues 
Info 12 12 
Table 1 – Issues, Severity, and Resolution

High’ severity issues required an immediate response, and fixing them has contributed to a significantly more stable platform. These were thankfully limited, with only 4 issues being seen as high-risk. The fixes have improved the ways in which our system manages ETH and NFT transfers and auctions. 

‘Medium’ severity issues were still essential to address. The number of medium-risk concerns was even lower, at only 3. Since our updates have gone live, the interoperability between NFTs and contracts has been enhanced. 

‘Low’ and ‘Info’ severity issues were mostly ways in which the platform could be made more efficient, and they amount to the largest number of issues raised, coming in at 19 for both categories. These covered a wide range of potential optimizations that the auditors at Team Omega believed would benefit the platform, including improved transfers, decreased complexity, better integration, and memory efficiency, among others.

On April 1st, Team Omega released their final report that reexamines the provided source code to see if the committed changes were effective. 

The report states that “[Evedo] addressed the issues, and we reviewed the fixes in the current report. All issues were resolved.”, which we were very excited to see confirmed. You can now view the full report on their GitHub repository, something we happily urge you to do!

We’re committed to being one of the most secure platforms out there, and we’d like it to stay that way. Going forward, similar audits will be done on new releases of the code, and we’ll make all findings public. Making sure your assets are securely stored and managed is one of the tenets on which Fragmint was built. Since becoming public on December 9th, 2021, we’ve done everything we can to ensure you’re safe and happy using our platform, and we promise to continue doing so.

Thank you for trusting in us!

Find out more about Team Omega Audits on:

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