Ferrum Network Brings Immense Value To The Crypto Industry And Fragmint Is Now Their Partner

Partnerships are the secret sauce to good business. When working with the right people and companies, you are sure to multiply your chances to succeed while bringing impactful solutions to the world!

This is why at Fragmint we have been working hard on securing the right matches! Fostering such relationships requires time, energy, and genuine curiosity but we feel honored to be on this path full of exciting opportunities to support and collaborate with others.

Today we are announcing to you our brand new partnership with Ferrum Network!

Ferrum Network is a cross-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi company that specializes in adding deflationary token utility and advisory services to projects across the crypto space. Their main mission is to remove the barriers to mass adoption by building white-label blockchain solutions. The team is passionate about helping startups and already established organizations get their core products to market faster.

The company is also a frontier in cryptocurrency presales. As their organization is created by authentic crypto enthusiasts, they have been able to scrutinize the ins and outs of the industry first-hand. This has led them to identify an important issue around the unnecessary stress caused by outdated FCFS (first come, first serve) policies, lottery-based systems, long-term staking requirements, and “gas wars” that are still a reality in the space today.

Inspired to change this for the better, they have developed a more straightforward and hassle-free process that includes a 24-hour to 36-hour contribution period, short-term staking requirements, and low transaction costs. It currently runs on several blockchains including Avalanche, Moonbeam, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Network.

Ferrum also has a unique token of its own! FRM and FRMx both contain a huge amount of utility. Holders can use FRM and FRMx for various staking initiatives, to earn Monthly Holder Rewards, or get access to all upcoming partner presales which is soon to include the private sale of our very own $FRAG token!

If you’d like to learn more about the world of Ferrum and everything they do, then definitely head to their website here.

Our team at Fragmint is grateful and excited for this newly established partnership. We are all looking forward to discovering (and creating) the numerous ways in which we will be joining forces with Ferrum as we now move together through the thrilling space of blockchain and crypto.

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