Narratives in Web3: How NFTs are reshaping storytelling

Stories have transformative power. They allow us to see the world in a different light.

Storytelling is one of the most fundamental human abilities – to transfer information and share our ideas and beliefs. 

For millennia, the manner in which we transfer information has evolved in parallel with us. From early cave drawings of myths and legends, shifting to traditions passed down by generations. With the advent of the written word, spoken tales have evolved into rich narratives. 

They continue to this day in helping us better understand ourselves: our values, motives, and desires. With current innovations, we now have yet again the ability to open more doors and push storytelling boundaries.

This is something we truly believe in and is the reason why we have created Fragmint as a community-centered platform.

Fragmint combines the benefits of fragmentable art and formable DAOs letting the enthusiasts take part in the creative process. Our method of minting and auctioning stand-alone NFTs, which we call fragminting, has the potential to provide more value for everyone involved in the space.

Recently, NFTs have gained big traction, influencing a number of industries. Aside from their investment potential, non-fungible token technology also enables creators to better engage with communities, building an even stronger following. NFTs also allow for keeping creator ownership over intellectual property by removing the necessity for a sale to dominant studios and productions. In turn, this also opens a great opportunity for fans to support and invest in the future of their favorite artist. 

All these features and innovations award NFTs the potential to truly evolve and transform storytelling. In this article, we are excited to spotlight some great examples of what we believe to be a great and expansive potential.

Searching for a new narrative

During the last decade, the power to frame narrations was focused primarily in the hands of studios due to the funding provided. Gatekeepers navigated what tales to be published, how to be presented, and what narrative to be shared.

However, with Web3 and NFTs, the creative industry is being transformed by allowing the community to get involved in projects from their very first steps. By voting with crypto wallets, NFT fans can direct the future of a narrative. This can build a story from the ground up and to create a community-centered model. Now people have the chance to design their NFT storytelling.

NFT Storytelling

Despite the fact that Web2 companies are committed to protecting their IP at all costs, their inevitable evolution to Web3 will bring decentralization. Many artists have already seen the fresh benefits of the technology can now create, build their own communities, and give extra value to each supporter such as awarding NFT owners with IP rights.

To put this in perspective, let’s dive deeper into the novel projects that have already seen Web3 as their home place.

Palm NFT Studio launched an NFT project with Warner Bros called “The Bat Cowl Collection” that brings Batman closer to fans and allows them broader collaboration. The project features 200,000 unique 3D Batman cowl NFTs that give fans the power to shape the stories of future comic book narratives. 

NFT in storytelling: Bat Cowl NFTs
NFT in storytelling: Bat Cowl NFTs

In order to get fans’ creative juices flowing,  Josh Hackbarth, head of NFT commercial development for Warner Bros, said that each “Bat Cowl” NFT will also contain unique characteristics.

“We call this ‘badging,’ which allows fans to badge up in different worlds using their cowls. This will help create the stories behind the various cowls.” 

According to the Executive creative director for Palm NFT Studio, Straith Schreder, each “Bat Cowl” NFT serves as part of the storytelling process which makes this project exciting. It enables an opportunity for shared experiences and the fans will soon see their bat cowls integrated into future projects from DC Comics. 

Web3 lets the community shape their own superheroes and tell their own tales.

But DC Comics is not the only publisher noticing the potential of NFTs. Runner – a Web3 project – is all about a futuristic new world where the currency of power is literally –  speed. Planet Omega is where the fiction takes place and where rulers of the world compete in an annual race for control. 

NFT in storytelling: Runner
NFT in storytelling: Runner

But there is more than exploring power. The team behind the project shares that their main focus is to “champion a decentralized wave of world-building that will break down the doors of traditional media.” 

After purchasing the comic book, the holders have exclusive access to a PFP drop later in 2022 and have the ability to manage the creative direction and IP rights to the characters attached to their NFTs. This is a key moment in this new form of story construction.

But is there a term that describes the idea of community-driven storylines? Well, yes. 

Runner created the term “Media3” where creators and fans share power and write plots together.  “While not completely relinquishing control of the narrative, the creators invite the participation of the audience and respond. The goal is to enable those who care most about a project or story to contribute to this multimedia storyverse,” explained Bryce Anderson, one of the producers.

With our unique fragmentation process of minting, auctioning NFTs, and organizing formable DAOs we aim to break the limitations the other NFT platforms have and open the gates to an extraordinary NFT experience.   

With more people understanding the idea behind decentralization and the importance of protecting your digital rights, creating a Web3 narrative will surely keep growing in popularity. It allows for fans to be more than just consumers — they could be co-creators and could support the creator and his beliefs from the beginning.

This makes IP and Web3 truly symbiotic – one provides the contracts while the other allows it to expand in a new unique way.

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